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Chief Officers of State Library Agencies

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For the latest verified and comparative data on public libraries and the state library agency, please consult the Institute for Museum and Library Services website for data products and publications at:


Name: Kendall
Title: State Librarian
Organization: State of Connecticut
Address: Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Ave
City: Hartford
State: CT
Zip Code: 06106
Phone: (860) 757-6510
Fax: (860) 757-6503
Appointment Date: 10/1/1998
Committee Assignments:

  • OCLC Partnership Task Force

    Library Agency Homepage:
    Virtual Library:
    State Home Page:
    Governor: Dannel P. Malloy
    Library Association:
    Friends of the Library Association: <
    Trustee Association:
    Other State Library Links:
          Connecticut Educational Media Association
          Connecticut Library Consortium


    Link to IMLS Public Library Statistics Webpage:

    Year the data below was released: 2005
    URL for Statewide Public Library Statistics:

    Population: 3,503,604 (2004)
    Number of Public Libraries: 195
    Total Circulation: 30,374,748
    Circulation Per Capita: 8.7
    Total Library Operating Income: 150,960,221
    Total Expenditures: 162,497,470
    Expenditures per capita:46.38
    State Support:1,857,071
    Total Construction Funding:3.5 million
    Materials Loaned to other Libraries: 305,372


    Link to IMLS State Library Statistics Webpage:

    Year the data below was released: 2005
    Governance Structure: The State Library Board determines policy for the State Library, and appoints the State Librarian. The Board consists of twelve members: the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or designee; the Commissioner of Education or designee; the Chief Court Administrator or designee; five members appointed by the Governor; and, one each appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Senate Minority Leader, the Speaker of the House, and the House Minority Leader.
    Library Legislation:
    General Statutes of Connecticut (CGS)
    Library Standards:

    Allied and Other Special Operations:
    Office of the Public Records Administrator is responsible for the design and implementation of a Public Records Program for local governments and for state agencies within the executive department of government. This includes administrative responsibility for the State Archives and the State Records Center. State Archives. Since 1855, the Connecticut State Library has acquired historical records from the three branches of State government. In 1909, the General Assembly made the State Library the official State Archives. Today, the Archives includes more than 32,000 cubic feet of records documenting the evolution of state public policy and its implementation, the rights and claims of citizens, and the history of Connecticut and its people. Museum of Connecticut History. The focus of the Museum and its collections is Connecticut's government, military and industrial history. Permanent and changing xhibits trace the growth of the State and its role in the development of the nation from the Colonial era to the present. Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Is a network library of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.
    Number of Service Outlets: 5
    Collections: Books & Serial Vols. 1,160,884 Audio 239 Video 102 Serials 5,199 Govt. Docs 1,729,903
    Staff: FT Permanent 96 PT Permanent 22 Temp 39
    Income: 23,540,076
    Expenditures: 21,055,770
    Employment Opportunities:


    LSTA Five Year Plan:
    Other Relevant Links to State Library Publications:

    Publications of the Division of Library Development
    Internet Emergency Tool Kit
    Connecticut Public Library Trustees Handbook
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