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Chief Officers of State Library Agencies

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For the latest verified and comparative data on public libraries and the state library agency, please consult the Institute for Museum and Library Services website for data products and publications at:


Name: Randy
Title: State Librarian
Organization: State of Michigan
Address: Michigan Library and Historical Center
PO Box 30007
City: Lansing
State: MI
Zip Code: 48909
Phone: (517) 373-5860
Appointment Date: 5/1/2014
Committee Assignments: n/a


Library Agency Homepage:
Virtual Library:
State Home Page:
Governor: Rick Synder
Library Association:
Friends of the Library Association:
Trustee Association:
Other State Library Links:


Link to IMLS Public Library Statistics Webpage:

Year the data below was released: 2010
URL for Statewide Public Library Statistics:,1607,7-140-54504_549...
Population: 9,938,444
Number of Public Libraries: 383
Total Circulation: 85,157,307
Circulation Per Capita: 8.6
Total Library Operating Income: $439,624,445
Total Expenditures: $399,948,636
Expenditures per capita:$40.29
State Support:$6,000,000
Total Construction Funding:
Materials Loaned to other Libraries: 3,349,469


Link to IMLS State Library Statistics Webpage:

Year the data below was released: 2010
Governance Structure: Executive Branch, part of larger agency (Department of Education)
Library Legislation:
URL for Library Laws Handbook,1607,7-140-54504_186...
Library Standards:
State Aid Guidelines - prescribes a set of minimum requirements for eligibility for the receipt of state aid funds QSAC - Quality Services Audit Checklist, certification based on achievement of a set of library standards Distribution of penal fines to public libraries requires libraries to be open a minimum number of hours to be eligible for penal fine funds.
Allied and Other Special Operations:

Number of Service Outlets: 1
Collections: books and serials: 2,409,351 audio materials: 1,812 video materials: 3,114 current serial subscriptions: 4,766 government documents: 993,287
Staff: 36
Income: $15,810,803
Expenditures: $18,058,463
Employment Opportunities:


LSTA Five Year Plan:
Other Relevant Links to State Library Publications:

URL for Library of Michigan annual reports,1607,7-140-54504_19270_19411---,00.html
URL for Michigan Public Libraries Data Digest
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