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Chief Officers of State Library Agencies

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For the latest verified and comparative data on public libraries and the state library agency, please consult the Institute for Museum and Library Services website for data products and publications at:


Name: Mary
Title: State Librarian
Organization: State of New Jersey
Address: 185 West State Street
City: Trenton
State: NJ
Zip Code: 08625
Phone: (609) 278-2640 (101)
Fax: (609) 278-2647
Appointment Date: 07/23/2012
Committee Assignments: n/a


Library Agency Homepage:
Virtual Library:
State Home Page:
Governor: Phil Murphy
Library Association:
Friends of the Library Association: n/a
Trustee Association: n/a
Other State Library Links:


Link to IMLS Public Library Statistics Webpage:

Year the data below was released: released 2007-2006 data
URL for Statewide Public Library Statistics:
Population: 8,724,560
Number of Public Libraries: 306 Systems; 459 Buildings
Total Circulation: 53,847,538
Circulation Per Capita: 6.172
Total Library Operating Income: 437,411,229
Total Expenditures: 405,744,818
Expenditures per capita:$46.51
State Support:26,265,240
Total Construction Funding:17,469,230 Dept, of Community affairs
Materials Loaned to other Libraries: 1,070,558


Link to IMLS State Library Statistics Webpage:

Year the data below was released: 2007 FY
Governance Structure: The New Jersey State Library is affiliated with Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, New Jersey.
Library Legislation: ex.php
Library Standards: lwaid002.php#177
Allied and Other Special Operations:
Archives and public records are under the Department of State
Number of Service Outlets: The main library is located at 185 West State Street and is a research library. One of its divisions, the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped is located at 2300 Stuyvesant Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey.
Collections: Books and Documents managed approx. 2 million
Staff: 105
Income: 26,944,225
Expenditures: 29,716,254
Employment Opportunities: - under human resources then State Library


LSTA Five Year Plan: - click on Services to Libraries
Other Relevant Links to State Library Publications:

NJSL Strategic Plan 2007-2011:
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