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New Mexico State Library: Deputy State Librarian

New Mexico State Library seeks a collaborative, innovative Deputy State Librarian with a passion for literacy and education, and an ability to thrive in a dynamic organization serving a culturally rich and diverse state. 

Opening:  Deputy State Librarian (DCA position #4828)
Where is this based?
The position is based at State Library headquarters in the Carruthers Building, 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Telework is available.   

What does the position do?
This position supports and serves as backup for the State Librarian.  It directly supervises Rural Services (three Bookmobile offices and one Books by Mail office), the Broadband Program,  the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled, and the federal LSTA program.  It leads literacy efforts for the State Library through the development of new programs and partnerships with other agencies and the state’s libraries. 
What does the position pay?
This position is a Pay Band 90, which has an annual salary range of $62,598 - $108,921.  Generally, we are able to hire at the midpoint of the range, which is $85,759. 
Information about extensive State Employee benefits can be found here.
What is the New Mexico State Library?
NMSL provides library services statewide by providing funding, professional development, and consultant support to 100 public and tribal libraries. Three Bookmobiles and a Books by Mail program serve areas not served by a local library.  NMSL is closely involved with state broadband efforts through the Library Broadband Infrastructure Fund and representing the Department of Cultural Affairs on the Connect New Mexico broadband council.  At headquarters in Santa Fe, a Library for the Blind and Print Disabled directly serves patrons statewide, and a large Research Library has state and federal documents, extensive reference materials, and a circulating Southwest Collection.  The State Library manages the State Poet Laureate program and is a Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, which includes historic sites, museums, archaeology, and historic preservation. Learn more about the State Library’s history here.
New Mexico is expansive in many ways: we are the fifth-largest state geographically but have a population of just over 2 million people; we have many thriving cultures, including 23 sovereign Native American nations; and our geography is a meeting of four major land regions. Along with oil and gas and agriculture, we have a strong creative economy that drives tourism, a large film industry, and a growing aerospace industry.  The state is endlessly fascinating, with history, art, and beautiful vistas all alive and present in daily life. 
What are the New Mexico State Library’s Priorities?
The new Deputy State Librarian will play a major role in setting future priorities in collaboration with NMSL staff and our stakeholders. Some overarching priorities going forward may include closing digital equity gaps, culturally appropriate approaches to literacy, updating rural services for better effectiveness and consistency, support for formal and informal education, and equitable approaches to economic development. 
•    Current LSTA 2018-2022 Plan
•    Current Strategic Plan 2020-2022
What skills will a successful Deputy State Librarian have?
•    Adaptability, productivity, and time management: New Mexico State Library is multifaceted, and this position will have a role in every part of operations.
•    Vision: The Deputy State Librarian will need to spend a portion of their time on long-range projects, building long-term partnerships, and keeping an eye on the evolving needs of New Mexicans and how libraries can facilitate solutions and maximize opportunities. Building consensus around shared priorities and creating strategies to meet goals and objectives will be a regular part of the job.  This position provides leadership statewide and should model forward-thinking grounded in real world needs and opportunities.
•    Financial aptitude: The position manages the federal budget of over $1.6 million and oversees reporting of federally funded programs. Intermediate skills with common software such excel is important; knowledge of common financial processes and experience with budgeting is critical. Experience with State of New Mexico accounting software is a bonus, but not required so long as you are able to learn. 
•    Professionalism and collegiality: A successful Deputy State Librarian will be respectful of others at all time, will be congenial and collegial while maintaining professionalism, will be dependable and do what they say they will do and will be supportive of, and available to, staff at all levels. They will be cognizant of the diverse cultures that make up the state and be respectful of those cultures in all interactions.  
•    Growth mindset: The successful candidate should model a thirst for knowledge, question assumptions, reassess long-standing processes, and include diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. An ability to learn, evolve, and creatively problem solve is more important than being an expert in such a dynamic environment.   
•    Expansive view of librarianship: The state library serves a diverse collection of libraries that each approach services to their unique communities in unique ways. We partner very often with other divisions in our department, and other agencies, on a variety of projects to support the social wellbeing needs of New Mexicans.  If you see librarianship as only about books or only about information, you may struggle in this position.    
•    Patience: We are innovative and always anxious to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders, but we operate in a state government environment.  A successful candidate takes action and finds meaningful work in the things that are in their control, and accepts that some things are out of their control. 
How do I apply?
Please see the instructions below!  More information about the position can be found here.

What is the deadline?
This position will remain open until filled; we will start reviewing applications on March 15.

Contact the State Librarian:  Eli Guinnee, 505-476-9762, [email protected]

Instructions to apply
Please visit our Careers site to review the job posting and complete your application.

1. Click the link below to access our Careers site.

2. Sign In to access your account. If you do not have an account, select the menu bar on the right, and click on New User to create an account.  

3. Review the job description and click Apply for Job to begin your application.

If you are a current employee with the State of New Mexico and have a SHARE ID, please sign into your SHARE account. Click on the Careers tile under Employee Self Service to search for the job posting and begin your application.

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