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COSLA 2022 Fall Convocation

COSLA Fall Conference Objective
The Fall Conference is an opportunity for Chief Officers of state and territorial agencies to network and build essential relationships while participating in sessions that help advance the library community and their state agencies. This is an exclusive event held for COSLA Chiefs. Registration, room accommodations, and meals will be provided by COSLA.

2022 Fall Conference Venue
After a long 2 years, COSLA is excited to be meeting in person again! This year, the COSLA chiefs will be traveling to Pray, Montana; the home state of COSLA President, Jennie Stapp. The Fall Conference will be hosted at the Chico Hot Springs Resort. Chico is a historic venue that portrays a magical essence, with an extraordinary variety of accommodations, exceptional dining, outdoor adventures, live entertainment, and ultimate relaxation, all with a warm smile and welcoming spirit from our friendly staff. Click the image below to view some of the beauty waiting for you!

The room reservations for the 2022 Fall Conference must be made based on the specific inventory made available to COSLA. You will select your arrival and departure date, as well as room type during registration. Arrival and departure dates are fixed -- if you are planning to arrive early or stay later, you are responsible for making those arrangements directly with the Chico (or other nearby resorts).  Please do not make your travel arrangements until completing your online registration.

FUN NOTE:  Since the Fall Conference is normally held around Halloween, Chico is listed as one of the last best places for spirits and ghosts. 

Transportation Information
Transportation between the Bozeman International Airport and Chico Hot Springs will be provided by COSLA on Oct. 22, 23, 26, and 27. Please see the shuttle options below for making travel arrangements. 

Saturday, Oct 22 
Departing the airport for Chico - 3:00 PM
Sunday, Oct 23 
Departing the airport for Chico - 1:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct 26 
Departing Chico for the airport - 2:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 27 
Departing Chico for the airport - 8:00 AM

More Information
Should you have any questions regarding registration or want to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at the COSLA Fall Conference, please contact Katherine Barnhart