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Continuing Education Connector

State Library Agencies (SLAs) play a critical leadership role in the development and delivery of library-related continuing education (CE) to state and local library staff.  Staff at SLAs possess a unique on-the-ground view of training and development needs, resources evolving to meet those needs, and effective delivery methods. They also recognize that significant opportunities for advancement exist through collective action including effective sharing and leveraging of resources; co-development of new programming; and through participation in national initiatives.

The Continuing Education Connector seeks to bring together the expertise and perspectives of three key SLA positions -- Chief Officers, Library Development Directors, and Continuing Education Coordinators -- to guide and support developed of shared continuing education content while actively soliciting guidance and feedback from state library peers.  Active CE Connector Working Groups are listed below.


National Library Training Center Working Group Members:
Brendon Guilliams, Florida State Library and Archives, Sponsor
Christine Kreger, Colorado State Library
Holli Duggan, Nebraska Library Commission
Darci Hanning, Oregon State Library
Katherine Adelberg, Texas State Library and Archives
Katie McDonough, Delaware Division of Libraries
Kathleen Slocum, South Dakota State Library
Wendy Gabrielson, Oklahoma Department of Libraries