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chief officers of state library agencies

COSLA is an independent organization of the chief officers of state and territorial agencies designated as the state library administrative agency and responsible for statewide library development. Click here for more information about COSLA.
 Items of Interest

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the official State Library of Oklahoma, is searching a Director and State Librarian.

The New York State Education Department has announced the opening of the search for the position of New York State Librarian. Details of the position are now available on the State Education Department’s website.

The Nevada Department of Administration is seeking an Administrator for the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records Division. The Administrator serves as Nevada’s State Librarian. Application materials were posted on 7/26/2018 and will be accepted until recruitment needs are satisified.

Read about the notable work of the California State Library, Colorado State Library, Georgia Public Library Service and Maryland State Library in the Global Family Research Project’s most recent policy brief Leading Family Engagement in Early Learning: The Role of State Library Administrative Agencies.

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