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COSLA is an independent organization of the chief officers of state and territorial agencies designated as the state library administrative agency and responsible for statewide library development. Its purpose is to provide leadership on issues of common concern and national interest; to further state library agency relationships with federal government and national organizations; and to initiate cooperative action for the improvement of library services to the people of the United States. 

Its membership consists solely of these top library officers of the states and territories, variously designated as state librarian, director, commissioner or executive secretary. It provides a continuing mechanism for dealing with the problems and challenges faced by the heads of the state agencies which are responsible for statewide library development.

The work of COSLA is carried on through its members, a Board of Directors, and committees. The Chief Officers meet three times a year. The annual meeting is held in the fall, and working sessions are scheduled in conjunction with the mid-winter and Library Legislative Days of the American Library Association.

Concerns of COSLA include effective statewide planning and action to ensure library service adequate to meet the needs of all communities; the strengthening of state library agencies, library systems and effective networks; federal appropriations for library services; national library service programs; use of new technology for library and information service; state library services; availability of state and federal documents; improved library statistics programs; continuing library education programs; and state-federal responsibilities for talking book service to blind and handicapped persons throughout the nation.

 Click here to view COSLA's Organizational Plan for 2014-2018.


Officers and Directors 2014-2016

Kendall Wiggin
State Librarian
State of Connecticut
Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut 06106


Vice President/President Elect:
Sandra Treadway
Librarian of Virginia
Commonwealth of Virginia
Library of Virginia
800 E. Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

 Kurt Kiefer
State Librarian
State of Wisconsin
Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, Wisconsin 53707

Stacey Aldrich
Deputy Secretary for Libraries
Office of Commonwealth Libraries
Pennsylvania Department of Education
607 South Drive
Forum Building, Room 200
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120-0600

Past President:
Ann Joslin
State Librarian
State of Idaho
Idaho Commission for Libraries
325 West State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
208-334-2150 (x134) 


Charles Sherrill
State Librarian and Archivist
State of Tennessee
Tennessee State Library and Archives
403 7th Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37243


Cal Shepard
State Librarian
State of North Carolina
State Library of North Carolina
4640 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4640


 Committees and Liaisons 2012-2014 (2014-2016 appointments pending)

Continuing Education Committee
Chair: Gene Hainer (Colorado)
Vice Chair: Anne Craig (Illinois)
Members: Stacey Aldrich (Pennsylvania), Beverly Cain (Ohio), Mary Chute (New Jersey), Annie Norman (Delaware), Marty Reid (Vermont), Daphne DeLeon (Nevada), Linda Lord (Maine), Rand Simmons (Washington)
Charge: To (1) recommend continuing education activities that would benefit COSLA members; (2) to identify continuing education issues which have implication for state library agencies; and (3) work closely with other COSLA committees to identify issues which require education for decision making, and assist with the development of education activities.

Legislation Committee
Chair: Susan McVey (Oklahoma)
Vice Chair: Cal Shepard (North Carolina)
Members: Stacey Aldrich (Pennsylvania), Jo Budler (Kansas), Mary Chute (New Jersey), Annie Norman (Delaware), Chuck Sherrill (Tennessee), Michael York (New Hampshire), Rod Wagner (Nebraska), Donna Jones Morris (Utah), Rebecca Hamilton (Louisiana), Ken Wiggin (Connecticut)
Charge: To (1) develop, review and recommend legislative policy and programs to the Chief Officers; (2) analyze legislative issues and work with other COSLA committees and task forces in analyzing legislative implications of their work; (3) represent the Chief Officers on legislative matters; (4) monitor any proposed federal legislation and bring issues to the attention of COSLA (5) maintain continuing communication with the ALA Washington Office and with other organizations as they relate to legislative concerns.

Networking Committee
Chair: Jo Budler (Kansas)
Vice Chair: Rod Wagner (Nebraska) 
Members: Mary Chute (New Jersey), Anne Craig (Illinois), Irene Padilla (Maryland), Ken Wiggin (Connecticut), Daphne DeLeon (Nevada), Rand Simmons (Washington)
Charge: To (1) cultivate ongoing communication with COSLA members through a variety of methods; (2) provide ongoing, current information for the development of COSLA information policies on diverse, but relevant topics. This may be accomplished through communication with national, multistate, and state organizations. Information on issues may be gathered from attending meetings, communicating with knowledgeable people and organizations, reading, participating on listservs, or any other means necessary. Committee members will assimilate, distill, and organize information for the COSLA membership. The information may then be used by COSLA members to determine policies on information technology issues and to assist COSLA members in providing leadership in the area of technology. 

Information policy issues, although they will continually evolve, currently include, but are not limited to:
·         Broadband Connectivity       
·         Vendors, including OCLC, and contracts
·         Database use in states
·         eBooks and eBook readers

Research and Statistics Committee
Chair: TBD
Vice Chair: Wayne Onkst (Kentucky)
Members: Carolyn Ashcraft (Arkansas), Irene Padilla (Maryland), Gene Hainer (Colorado), Annie Norman (Delaware), Kurt Kiefer (Wisconsin)  
Charge: To: (1) recommend, develop, monitor, assist, and/or conduct the research activities of COSLA and, when appropriate, its committees; (2) recommend policies and content, as well as oversee the collection and publication, of statistics of interest and concern to COSLA; (3) identify and, if appropriate, cooperate with individuals and other organizations conducting research that is in the best interest of COSLA; (4) work to improve the quality and availability of data and information related to state library agencies; (5) ensure that research and studies conducted by state library agencies are deposited with Association Management Resources and (6) maintain liaison with the NCES and its surveys.


Task Forces


Bylaws Task Force

Chair: Donna Jones Morris (Utah)

Members: Pending

E-book Task Force
Chair: Jo Budler (Kansas)
Members: Stacey Aldrich (Pennsylvania), Gene Hainer (Colorado), Mark Smith (Texas)

OCLC Partnership Task Force (pending)


COSLA establishes formal liaisons with organizations whose activities are important or related to COSLA's work and goals.  This facilitates two-way communications to foster mutual understanding of programs, services, actions or purposes.

American Library Association (ALA) 
MaryKay Dahlgreen (Oregon) 

ALA Digital Content Working Group
Jo Budler (Kansas)

ALA Digital Literacy Task Force
Marty Reid (Vermont)

ALA E-Rate Task Force  
Linda Lord (Maine)
Associate Liaison: Judi Ring (Florida)

ALA OITP E-Book Task Force
Jo Budler (Kansas) 

Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL)
Lesley Boughton (Wyoming)
Associate Liaison: Carolyn Ashcraft (Arkansas) 

Council of State Archivists (CoSA), National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA)
and Society of American Archivists (SAA)
Chuck Sherrill (Tennessee)
Associate Liaison: Daphne DeLeon (Nevada)

Government Printing Office (GPO)
Liaison: Joan Clark (Arizona)

Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
Stacey Aldrich (Pennsylvania)
Associate Liaison: Marty Reid (Vermont)

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
 Mary Chute (New Jersey)
Associate Liaison: TBD

Library of Congress

Liaison: Sandra Treadway (Virginia)
Associate Liaison: TBD
Charge: To (1) maintain continuing communication between the Library of Congress and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies; (2) cooperate with the Library of Congress in strengthening functions and services affecting state library agencies; (3) advise and consult on the Assembly of State Librarians; and, (4) support the Library of Congress in its role as a national library resource.

National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)
Daphne DeLeon (Nevada) 

National Center for Family Literacy  (NCFL)
Liaison: Wayne Onkst (Kentucky)

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Liaison: Michael York (New Hampshire)
Associate Liaisons: Donna Jones Morris (Utah), Annie Norman (Delaware) 

Schools, Health, & Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB Coalition)
Liaison: Jennie Stapp (Montana)
Associate Liaison: Susan McVey (Oklahoma)

Urban Library Council (ULC)
Anne Craig (Illinois)
Associate Liaison: Beverly Cain (Ohio)

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
Michael York (New Hampshire) 

Advisory Groups

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Public Access Technology Community (PAT-C) Advisory Group
 Susan McVey (Oklahoma), Ken Wiggin (Connecticut), Ann Joslin (Idaho)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pew Library Internet Research Series Advisory Group
 Annie Norman (Delaware)

Heritage Preservation Cultural Hertiage Preservation Networks Advisory Committee

IMLS Arts & Education Partnership

IMLS Library Statistics Working Group
 Wayne Onkst (Kentucky), Jo Budler (Kansas), Carolyn Ashcraft (Arkansas), MaryKay Dahlgreen (Oregon) 

IMLS Local Initiatives Support Corp (LISC) Advisory Group
 Sandra Treadway (Virginia)

IMLS OCLC Big Shift Advisory Committee
 Jo Budler (Kansas)

IMLS PLA/OITP COSLA Digital Learning Project
 Cal Shepard (North Carolina), Executive Committee
                 Mary Chute (New Jersey), Awareness Committee

IMLS WebJunction Connect 2 Compete Advisory Group
 Anne Craig (Illinois), Karen Goff (West Virginia)


Timothy Cherubini
Executive Director   
(859) 514-9826

Sara Dyel
Project Coordinator
(859) 514-9828

Vanessa Huff, CMP
Conference and Events Manager   
(859) 514-9179

Mike Cooke
Website Manager  
(859) 514-9187

Jessica Whitehead
Records Coordinator       
(859) 514-9151

201 East Main Street, Suite 1405
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 514-9151
Fax : (859) 514-9166 

Pursuant to IRS Regulations, it is the policy of COSLA to allow public access to its original exemption application and to its IRS Form 990. In addition, COSLA will make copies of its governing documents, conflict of interest policy/disclosures, and year-end financial statements available to the public. This access will be provided at COSLA's principal headquarters offices at a time mutually agreeable between its headquarters and the individual requesting the inspection during regular business hours. In addition, COSLA will make each Form 990 information return available for a period of 3 years from filing. Headquarters will provide a copy of the exemption application or Form 990 without charge, other than a reasonable fee for reproduction and actual postage costs, as applicable. The copy must include all information furnished to the IRS as well as all schedules, attachments, and supporting statements, except for the name and address of any contributor to the organization. For further detailed information regarding these IRS requirements, refer to the General Instructions for Form 990.


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