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COSLA Continuing Education Connector

COSLA Continuing Education Connector


State Library Agencies (SLAs) play a critical leadership role in the development and delivery of library-related continuing education (CE) to state and local library staff.  Staff at SLAs possess a unique on-the-ground view of training and development needs, resources evolving to meet those needs, and effective delivery methods.  They also recognize that significant opportunities for advancement exist through collective action including effective sharing and leveraging of resources; co-development of new programming; and through participation in national initiatives.

The Connector Steering Committee brings together the expertise and perspectives of three key SLA positions -- Chief Officers, Library Development Directors, and Continuing Education Coordinators -- to guide and support implementation of the CE Connector while actively soliciting guidance and feedback from state library peers. View the current Steering Committee members here

Recent Release!

Public Library Trustee Manual:  A Template for Use by State Library Agencies and Public Libraries 

This resource consists of basic information needed by trustees to be effective board members and library advocates.  Developed by a working group of COSLA members, the manual is intended to be used in a variety of ways.  Chapters focus on core issues including the role of the public library board of trustees, legal issues, intellectual freedom and censorship, effective library board meetings, and capital planning, among other topics.  The materials presented are adaptable for use in any jurisdiction and may be used to explain the role of a trustee to a potential recruit or a newly-named trustee as well as for continuing education at board meetings.

Members of the Public Library Trustee Manual Working group are:  Mary Soucie (Chair), North Dakota State Library; Patricia Boze, Illinois State Library; Wendy Cornelisen, Georgia Public Library Service; Robbie DeBuff, Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records; Donna DiMichele, Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services; Nancy Medema, State Library of Iowa; Kathleen Slocum, South Dakota State Library; Michele Stricker, New Jersey State Library.

Working Groups

Community Engagement Working Group Members:
Shirley Biladeau, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Sponsor
Carmelita  Aragon, New Mexico State Library
Mimi Lee, New Jersey State Library
Joseph Manion, Minnesota State Library Services

The Community Engagement Working Group is focusing on gathering information about the Library's Role in Community Engagement, Best Practices, Obstacles, and Desired Future Scenarios.  Final deliverables will include a side by side comparison of Community Engagement Tools and a short video series on Community Engagement for all Libraries.

Coordinating Our Efforts

The following documents were created through the Connector Project to facilitate sharing of State Library resources and expertise.  They will be updated periodically:

The State Reports include current continuing education characteristics, programs, services, and areas of expertise as reported by each state library agency in the summer of 2016.  See also an infographic of selected continuing education data across all 50 state libraries.

This report identified the common unmet continuing education needs for public libraries across the United States. The top 5 priority areas are:  community relations; organizational leadership; E-resource management; core technologies; trustees, friends, and foundations.

This document provides a directory for collaborating and sharing continuing education materials, web sites, webinars, manuals, documents and other media.







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