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FY18 Federal Funding: COSLA, Regional, and State Approaches

FY18 Federal Funding: COSLA, Regional, and State Approaches

This page is intended to promote sharing of resources, information, and examples of approaches to FY18 federal budget education and advocacy from COSLA, state libraries, and closely related organizations.  Most materials were developed at State Library Agencies and submitted to COSLA for broader sharing.  Additional submissions are welcome, as are questions and comments.  Please send to


Communications aimed at the federal level:


     House Appropriations Committee HELP Subcommittee Members

     Senate Appropriations Committee HELP Subcommittee Members



     Special Edition of ALPSeeds (newsletter)



     Federal Funds Bring Library Services to Arkansas



     IMLS Reductions and Eliminations

     How IMLS Benefits Colorado

     Federal Proposed Budget Cuts (Word doc)



     Memo on Trump Budget Proposal



     LSTA Benefiting the Illinois Heartland Library System



     Letter to Legislators on behalf of the Kansas Library Association



     Overview of LSTA Funds in Michigan.pdf



     Press release for Take Action for Libraries Day  

     Montana Public Libraries brochure

     Montana Library Association Resolution



     Nebraska Library Services Supported with LSTA Funding



     FY 2016 Funding for FFIS-Tracked Programs Proposed for Elimination in FY 2018 Budget


New Mexico
     In Defense of Books


North Carolina

     Libraries Build Communities (template for handout provided to NC public libraries for use when legislators (local, state or federal) visit
     NC LIVE Impact (electronic databases)


North Dakota

     North Dakota Library Association Congressional Action Alert.pdf

     North Dakota Library Association Letter to Senator Heitkamp.pdf


Rhode Island

     LSTA Funding and Rhode Island Libraries
     LSTA Funding and Rhode Island Libraries: Facts and Figures
     LSTA Funding and Rhode Island Libraries: Frequently Asked Questions


South Dakota

     Impact of IMLS Defunding



     Texas and the IMLS: Federally Funded Library Programs that Benefit ALL Texans (video and associated materials)
     Letter to Senator Cornyn
     Letter to Senator Cruz
     Sample letter for National Library Legislative Day visit packet



     Impact of LSTA Funding in Virginia 



     Federal Funds Provide Library Resources for all Wyomingites 

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