COSLA Sponsorship Opportunities 

COSLA is seeking meaningful relationships with corporate partners to further library services across the country. Representing the Chief Officers of state and territorial agencies, COSLA strives to demonstrate the value and local library impact through data collection and shared solutions. With reach into every public library, COSLA impacts key national issues such as the collection of library data, establishing new business models for digital content, equitable broadband access, supporting school libraries, and sharing a voice in library education and leadership. Through educational programming and side-by-side learning, COSLA partners with sponsors for subject matter expertise in their respective industries and works together to drive forward priorities enhancing library services.

COSLA 2023 Sponsors Include:


The benefits of partnering with COSLA include:

  • Engaging with Public Libraries: Interact with the 53 Chief Officers of respective State and Territory Library Agencies with reach into every public library in America.  These key leaders have final decision authority on over half a billion dollars in library industry spending annually.

  • Contributing to Strong Libraries: Weigh in on national library issues such as broadband, community development, diversity, ebooks, library programs, benchmarking, and more.

  • Providing Solutions: Private partners are viewed as solution providers and subject matter experts in their respective areas. Share your services and products with decision-makers within their state.